About ParcAlpin

Schimun and Rich are a well-functioning team! They have been working together as guides in a rope park for years. In 2020, they finally built their own rope park – ParcApin.

Young & dynamic

Our Team

Schimun Grass

Park owner and operator

Richard Megaw

Park owner and operator

Adriana Kalberer

Seilpark Guide

Livia Wettach



Our vision

Our dream has become reality. It is with a lot of dedication and passion that we have created our own rope park in wonderful nature in order to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

In the ParcAlpine, it shall be possible to leave everyday life behind. A lot of people spend hours on the smart phone, tablet, computer, or television. However, a lot of people are searching for balance, peace and nature in their free time. You will find this here!

In our rope park, you will enjoy sporting activity in the wonderful nature of the Engadine, experience something new, leave your comfort zone, and you can test your limits. However, the ParcAlpine offers much more than just physical activity! There are a lot of exciting details to discover, and you will learn a lot about the flora and fauna in the Engadine valley. Enjoy the surprises!

Together we are strong

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